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3 Content Marketing Trends to Watch Out For

Content marketing is essential in SEO

The content marketing sector is consistently evolving – and there’s no stopping it. The trends that arise within the industry also coincide with other faces of marketing within the internet; SEO is an essential facet of the internet marketing sphere. Thus, content marketing and SEO should always go hand-in-hand.

In today’s post, we’ll take a look at the trends we’ve observed in content marketing and how they influence SEO. We hope the information you’ll find in this post we’ll familiarize you with what to expect and how to work with these trends in order to have successful internet SEO campaigns.

Personalized Content

This is one of the latest buzzwords in the content marketing domain. And it has become a significant influence on SEO. Personalization means more custom content for each individual user, based on their last activities on a website or social media. For example, an individual downloads a PDF about a particular topic from your website. Next time they visit, you could give recommendations on similar PDF’s or e-books, or you could flash a welcome banner with their name on it.

Even further, you can send them custom emails. It’s more personal, and you get the opportunity to anticipate their needs and fulfill them. Personalized and custom emails have reported an increase of 25 percent open rate. The great part is everyone can benefit from this strategy. There are plenty of ways to personalize emails to your existing or potential customers. You can make content only for your current subscribers, or you can give special offers to them. It will depend on what kind of business you are in and the products and services you offer.

Personalized content has a good and substantial impact on your SEO venture. Additionally, you can also improve the experience of the users. In order to maximize your SEO efforts using personalized content, you’ll need to utilize automatization and gathering behavioral data of your users.


In the internet world, content is king. However, there’s a new trend that has emerged in the knowledge-sharing and content culture industry: context and how internet search will alter its form. Context is beyond keywords. And now search engines, particularly Google, are concentrating on user intent to provide more accurate search results.

How will this new internet trend affect SEO? Internet marketers should focus on other indicators and parameters, on top of keywords. Relationships must be established between concepts and phrases in content.

For instance, if you are writing about “Italian food,” then, of course, you’ll need to incorporate keywords that are related to the topic.

If you are writing about “Italian food,” then, of course, incorporate keywords related to the main topic.

Also, you need to consider the users’ intent. What do they want to know about Italian food? What questions do they have about it? Offer answers in your content and try to present them in a compelling, creative, and friendly tone. Keep in mind that the content must coincide with the title. Use equivalent words of the title, and try not repeat the keywords multiple times throughout the content.

Influencer Marketing

A Nielsen study has revealed that almost 85 percent of consumers trust product and brand recommendations from their peers more than advertising; people tend to trust individuals over brands. A similar study also revealed that 90 percent of consumers believe recommendations from online personalities just as much as personal ones.

Many brands are already using influencers for the promotion of their products and services. An influencer is an individual online with a significant amount of following in a specific niche. That they engage with consistently. He or she has the knowledge, position, authority, and relationship with his or her audience.

The marketing tactics employed by different brands involve working with influencers. This partnership often leads to successfully driving the sales and traffic by generating good content and offering related and accurate content through curation.

Additionally, SEO is greatly influenced by the influencer marketing trend. This is because articles and other content can be created to support the campaign and build a story around it. An innovative and creative idea can also start a “viral” response, and a multitude of links will go into your backlink account.

Final Thoughts

Like any other industry, content marketing is ever changing – and it will continue to experience change as the internet and SEO evolve as well. We hope the information you found today will help kick your content marketing strategies up a notch.