Facebook Advertising

How a Facebook Ad Agency Helps Small Businesses

Utilize a Facebook Ad agency to grow your business in social media.

Nowadays, Facebook is more than just a social media platform. It has become a useful place online for businesses to attract potential customers, build their brand identity, and keep their customers updated. Thus, you’ll often see a Facebook ad agency offering its advertising and marketing services to business owners and companies.

Facebook is more than just a place online where you see what your co-worker’s picture of his lunch or what your friends did over the weekend. It’s the top social media site with a billion users. These same Facebook users are what businesses target to be their potential customers.

As a small business owner, you may already have a limited advertising budget. When you add working with a Facebook ad agency to the mix, you may be more constrained. However, if you don’t partner with a social media ad agency, you risk not unlocking the full potential of Facebook advertising and marketing.

Fear Not

Social media marketing is an important facet of digital marketing.

Small business owners can still make use of the power of Facebook advertising and marketing – no matter what their budget is.

Of course, having a more substantial ad budget helps.

However, nowadays, online marketing and advertising are more than just how much advertisers are spending.

Online ads, specifically Facebook ads, can help small businesses target the right audience with the right content and positive user experiences. This ultimately starts a loyal foundation for customer-business relationships.

Here are some helpful tips we’ve prepared for Facebook advertising. These same general tips are what a Facebook ad agency will offer you.

Be Mindful About Posting

Experts at a Facebook ad agency will advise you to post useful content. Aside from this, you also need to be conscious of your posts.

While these posts are your way of communicating with your audience, they must also be boosted with an ad budget to get the best engagement and conversion rates.

Review your Facebook Insights, which is the platform that lets you track, monitor, and analyze all the user interactions on your Facebook business page.

The information you find in your Facebook Insight should let you know what type of posts get the most engagement, what kind of engagements you’re yielding the most positive and negative results, etc.

Your Facebook business page’s Facebook Insights will help you or the Facebook ad agency you’re working with to develop an ideal posting schedule, rhythm, and mix for your business.

Develop a Content Calendar

This tip goes hand-in-hand with the advice we mentioned above. While being mindful of the boosting capabilities of your posts, you must also keep in mind the frequency and schedule of posting.

A Facebook ad agency can help you develop a content calendar.

A content calendar will be very helpful and beneficial for your Facebook ad campaign.

In a nutshell, it’s a tool that can help you increase your posting strategies while at the same time minimizing the actual time spent working on it.

There are programs such as Sprout Social or Buffer, which are mostly a set-it-and-forget-it type of post scheduling programs. However, don’t just forget about these posts. You still need to monitor them and reply to any questions, comments, or other messages posted.

These programs also offer postings across multiple online platforms. This way, you don’t have to log into one social media site one-by-one to publish your post, which ultimately takes up a lot of time.

Optimize Your Business Profile Page

Even without the help of a Facebook ad agency, you must know how to optimize your business page properly.

Think of your business page as a website. There are tabs shown on it with information about your business. Restructure their order, remove unnecessary tabs, and offer a smooth experience when a user checks out your Facebook page – the same way you’d design and develop your website.

Necessary useful information such as your business location, hours, contact numbers, must be easily visible on your business page.

For example, if you are a plumbing company, a windows installation contractor, a flooring company, or any other type of service-based provider, potential customers would want to read about customer reviews. Make sure that tab is easily visible and that you actually have positive reviews on there from previous customers.

If you’re promoting a local event or a sale, again, do make sure the necessary tabs are on and post all useful information in that space. While this may seem like simple advice, it’s often the simplest things that are overlooked.