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Lead Generation Services 101

Are you getting the right lead generation services?

Today’s internet users are too sophisticated for obvious, flashy ads. Nobody likes being marketed or sold to, but everybody loves to be a smart buyer. You can’t just show up, show them your stuff, and expect them to be impressed. Businesses need to employ lead generation services to reach the right customers.

What results can you get from lead generation services? Higher ROI and a better closing ratio. It means more satisfied potential clients find your services, and you get more chances and opportunity to talk to people who are generally interested in what you can do for them.

Don’t waste what lead generation services can do for you. Here are the basics of what needs to be done to succeed in lead generation:

Know Your Target Market

You can’t target your marketing if you don’t know who you’re aiming for. If your research team hasn’t yet put together buyer profiles and assembled data about where those people shop online and how to stay in touch with them, you’ve got to do that research first. You have to know who needs your products and where they shop, in order to communicate efficiently.

Email Marketing

People sometimes knock email marketing – saying that autoresponders and database segmentation don’t work – but they’re overlooking a huge aspect of lead generation services.

For one, it’s easy. For two, it’s inexpensive, and for three, with the right design elements, it works. We’re not saying it’s perfect and instant – but we’re saying email marketing is never going away, and in fact, is becoming more efficient. So don’t miss out.

Online Content

People might follow your business on social media. They might read your blogs or articles on your website – or even watch your online videos if you’re so inclined to make them – but they won’t stick around and follow you if you don’t give them a good reason.

Are you producing engaging, entertaining, and educational online content?

Your online marketing, including social media posts, should be focused on three things – they should be: educational, entertaining, and engaging. The three “E’s” are essential to getting people to take the next step into your sales funnel.

It shows that the lead generation services you’re using are doing what you intend them to do. Once you tap into what your audience likes, give them more of it. Keep your engagement up and see your numbers grow organically.

Lead Magnets

People love free stuff. It’s one of the best ways to capture a potential lead as a repeat audience member, and eventually a customer. It’s common for people who are respected in their area of expertise to publish white papers, short PDFs, training videos, or special content that a potential lead must sign up for in order to receive for free.

These are known as “lead magnets” because they will draw in interested people, people drawn to your ideas and interested in what you have to say. Once you have them in your database and can send them targeted emails – called “lead capture” – you can begin to find out what it is that engages each person and keep them as loyal customers over time.

Landing Page Conversion

Getting people to your website is one thing, but capturing their information while they visit your online storefront – as it were – is the final key part of targeted lead generation. Your website must be optimization friendly, which means that it has to be easy to navigate, feel welcoming, and be clear to the visitor.

You should always have a professional copywriter and SEO-knowledgeable website designer put together landing pages that convert your leads into customers. Placing your social media buttons in a different place on the page, using a different tagline or changing the images. Or swapping out ad placement and reorganizing where you ask leads to enter their information – all these small changes can dramatically affect your landing page conversion.

Lead Generation Services Are a Must

Local marketing + targeted lead generation = high conversion

There’s nothing more satisfying than looking over your website and social media accounts’ conversion metrics and seeing that all your efforts are paying off and giving you the results you want.

When your marketing and targeted lead generation strategies are aligned, and your team gets on board to support your vision, all the elements can come together to spell “Success.”