Social Media Marketing

What to Look for in a Social Media Marketing Proposal?

What do you need to look for in a social media marketing proposal?

Before you work with an internet marketing agency, you want to know what they can do for your business. They’ll most likely send over a social media marketing proposal for you to go over.

However, don’t get lost in analytical terms, online terminology, and other social media marketing jargon. In today’s post, we’ll talk about what you, as a client, should be looking for in a social media marketing proposal.

Strong Proposals are Invaluable

You may have heard about a marketing agency by them contacting you, at a networking event, or by recommendation. Once they’ve piqued your interest and they’ve started talking about the benefits of working together, they’ll begin to prepare a social media marketing proposal for you.

A strong proposal is invaluable and can make or break your relationship with a potential agency. It’s a valuable tool to show why they are the best choice to handle your social media marketing.

Your company should delegate a marketing team to handle your social media and online marketing efforts along with an internet agency..

Proposals properly outline what they plan to do when it comes to social media marketing for your business. This way, you have a tangible agreement in writing you can present to your stakeholders.

What Does a Social Media Marketing Proposal Need to Contain?

A proposal must show you, the potential client, mainly how you the benefits your business may get. See if the proposal covers the following essential items:

The Plan

Social media marketing is a lot more than just posting beautiful pictures or videos on Facebook or Instagram. Other than publishing compelling and creative posts as well as initiating social media ad campaigns, the process involves a lot of measurement of data (impressions, engagements, etc.) to determine the best formula that will work for your business.

See if they have properly established the metrics, goals, and objectives for your marketing plan. Set target percentages you want to hit. Make sure they are realistic and time-based.

The goals of any social media marketing will depend on your specific business’ goals. Before the agency outlines the goals they’ve set for you in the social media marketing proposal, they should have had initial discussions and meetings with you to get to know your company and industry.

The Execution

Ask for the tactic and methodologies the marketing agency will use to implement the plan. If it gets too technical, don’t be afraid to ask questions. A good marketing agency should know how to translate marketing terminology into something their clients will clearly and easily understand.

The Marketing Team

Know who will be your point-of-contact once the project starts. In turn, if you don’t have a dedicated marketing team yet, designate a member (or members) of your staff, who will be working on your company’s social media marketing efforts.

The Rate

How much is this venture going to cost your business? See if the agency is worth it. In this type of business, you get what you pay for. You should be willing to invest in a good marketing plan with a reputable agency.

The Metrics

To succeed in your social media marketing, you should be continuously monitoring and studying your metrics. When you understand and apply the correct data, you’ll know if your campaign is effective. The social media marketing proposal should also include a regular reporting of metrics that the agency will monitor and analyze for you.

  • Traffic – how much web traffic are you getting per week or per month? This is the determining factor for generating leads.
  • Follower Growth – in social media, the higher your followers are, the better it looks for you. However, you should be attracting followers that are also your target audience.
Engagement is a social media metric you should monitor.
  • Engagement – this is when people like or share your content. If you’re posting compelling social media content materials that don’t bore your audience, they will engage with you more.
  • Reach – this measures how many people see your posts even if they don’t interact or engage with it.
  • Conversions – Generating conversions stemming from organic social media can’t be achieved overnight. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

Final Word

If there’s anything that you think didn’t get covered in the social media marketing proposal, don’t hesitate to raise questions. After all, this working relationship should be a two-way street between the marketing agency and the client. Together, you can turn your social media into a lead and revenue-generating machine for your business.